Cancer Cell Line Genomics

The cancer cell line genome variation data in cncercelllines consists of a mix of whole-genome copy number variation (CNV) profiles - as has been established for the parent Progenetix resource - as well as annotated genome variation data, mapped to genome coordinats and queryable using the Beacon v2 API . The cancercelllines resource contains data of 16178 individual cancer cell lines from 400 different cancer types (NCIt neoplasm classification).

A large amount of the cancer cell line data has been collected based on annotations and pointers from Cellosaurus , a reference knowledge resource on cell lines.

Cell Line Data CNV Frequency Plot The CNV histogram above represents CNV data from a randomly selected set of samples - either instances of a common cell line or with a shared diagnosis. In this example the frequencies of regional gains and losses in 109 samples from NCIT:C166418 (Pancreatobiliary Carcinoma) are on display.
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